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Fit 4 Health

“Health for young athletes – main goal during training and competitions”.
Fit 4 Health project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Preparatory Actions European Partnerships On Sport - EAC/S03/. The project is concerned with healthy sport promotion among young athletes within the context of the World Health Organization definition: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ”.

The kick off meeting of the Fit 4 Health project was held in Ancona, Italy over 6-7th February. The project will last for 18 months, and is co-funded by the EU’s Sport Unit (DG Education and Culture), focusing on the safeguarding of young elite athletes between the ages of 14-19, specifically the prevention of physical and psychological side-effects associated with overtraining and inappropriate coaching at a young age.



Veliko Tarnovo, First Tournament, 21 clubs participated; Presentation: “Regularly and healthy nutrition of young athletes”, MD Silviya Paskaleva, PhD

Bourgas, Second Tournament, 26 clubs participated; Presentation: “Young athletes’ health – main task during sports trainings and competitions”



Veliko Tarnovo, Third Tournament, 25 clubs participated; Presentation: “Pre-conditions to traumas prevention in sports”

Veliko Tarnovo, Fourth Tournament, 28 clubs participated; Round tables 1 with wide discussions “Movement – source of health, strength and good mood”, Mr. Anton Mihailov



Sofia, Fifth Tournament, 39 clubs participated, Round table 2, “Preconditions for sport traumas prevention”, Mr. Anton Mihailov

2nd Project Meeting in Finland – From 10th June to 12th June 2014 the Fit 4 Health project partners will meet for the second time. This meeting will be hosted by our Finnish partners KARIER OY and FERA RY.



Manchester, UK – report: WP5 (Tournament Organization) – Brief overview of competitions in each partner country, including structure of tournaments, number of teams and participating athletes, key results; WP4 (Field survey and round table results) - Brief overview from all partner countries on key results from the athletes and stakeholders field surveys implemented through tournaments, and the main findings from the round table focus group meetings held in each country; WP6 (Risk assessment, Prevention and Protection Plan) – Overview of work package from UK partners, including objectives, key actions, timetable, and requirements from partners.

Local evaluation and risk assessment were established and a injury prevention plan was drafted for young athletes. Risk assessment consists of: risk evaluation criteria, training conditions check list, injury prevention planning, mental health, nutrition, stress management.

January 2015



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